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Jan Zacek
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              world's most effective lighting

This lighting technology is - 20 times more effective than bulbs,
                                    - 4-5 times more effective than fluorescent lamps
                                    - 2-4 times more effective than conventional white LED bulbs
and panels

100 years lifetime  is ensured by automatic current compensation for the destroyed segments and the possibility of adding secondary triphosphor foil.

Minimizing components and combinations of self-repair techniques was prolong lifespan on 100 years
(other LED lights have lifetime 5-10 years thanks switching PSU and overheating power chips). This lights have the same price as fluorescent linear tubes, in lifespan (in 100 years period serviceman need replace linear tubes every 2-5 years, what is 20-50 tubes x4 short tube, all fluorescent tubes cost more than ECOlights LED panel).
Thanks long life is now ECOlights panels cheaper than fluorescent tube and bulbs.
    If it is cheaper, is no argument, why use in new building  worse solution, like fluorescent tube.       
                 In one office building 8000m3 can save $100.000,- energy every year.
                     This is only one lighting technology, for Green Buildings. 

                                        PANEL    LIGHTS

    LED panel light 60x60 
200-240V, - consumption 22W 4300lm , 60x60cm lighting panels - weigh 2kg, 120°, color 5000°K (replacing linear fluorescent tubes, 4x18W or 2x36W).
price  €110,- (10-100pcs €139,- (samples 1-9pcs)  

                                                                                frost design model
 (+€30,- post over Europe)         
These panels have similar price like LED Panels from China, but lifetime is 10 times longer, and consume 2 times less energy, for the same lighting.



            LUXURY  PENDANT   LAMP 
          LED pendant lamp "trifon" 
 200-240V , - consumption 10W, 2000lm, color 5000°K, modern luxury design, weigh 0,43kg
( lighting as 4x40W bulb, or as 120cm 36W fluorescent tube)   
price  €100,- (10pcs and more€110,- (samples 1-9pcs)

                                                                                                   blue cristal design model
(+€10,- post over Europe)            

                             LUXURY CEILING LIGHTS

      LED linear ceiling lamp                  
200-240V,  - consumption 7W, 1400lm, luxury design, weigh 0,25kg, 120°, color 5000°K,
 (replacing linear fluorescent tubes 36W).

price  €39,- (10-100pcs €49,- (samples 1-9pcs)      

                                                                                                        white frost design model
(+€10,- post over Europe)          
  dimensions 370x39x12mm    
                                  STOLNÍ LAMPY

  LED moderní bankéřská lampa               
200-240V, - spotřeba 5W, 900lm, 120°, 6500K, zároveň noční světlo (0,02W, nezměřitelná spotřeba),
( svítí jako 120W žárovka, nebo jako 25W zářivka)              ideální na pracovní stůl
cena 1500kč jednotlive vzorky

All product meet CE, UL, FCC technical standard    ,     ,   
          Technology is resistive to EMP (electromagnetic pulse) and not generate any EMI.

                                      All product is dimable (dimmer from 0,1W)
                                        Europe delivery (ground post) 1 week

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